Mission Statement

One word is at the heart and soul of the V&C Group. We are passionate about doing things better. Because we want to make our country, and our planet, a better place.

The Team

Founded by brothers Vincent and Charles Borg, V&C Contractors steadily grew and diversified. As it naturally evolved into the V&C Group, its Board, Management Team and 100-strong workforce grew from strength to strength.

Vince Borg

Managing Director

Christabelle Camilleri


Charles Borg

Daniol Borg

Miriayah Borg

Caillin Borg

We are proud of the following achievements..

Malta Best in Business Awards, 2019 – 2021

Best Building and Construction Company

Malta Best in Business Awards, 2019 – 2021

Project Contractor of the Year

Corporate Vision Magazine Awards, UK, 2021

Best Construction and Property Development Group in Malta

Planning Authority Malta Architecture & Spatial Planning Awards, 2019

Best Urban Design of the Year

Planning Authority’s Malta Architecture & Spatial Planning Awards, 2020

Best Interior Architecture for Commercial and Public Building Projects

Malta’s Best in Business Awards, 2021

Best Architectural Firm

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Project Description


Experienced employees


Years of experience


Completed projects

Group values

Sustainable Growth

We believe that we borrow this country and this planet from our forefathers and hold it in trust until we bequeath it to future generations. Through the latest specialized technologies and skill sets we are determined to deliver the best goods and services to our clients. We are equally determined to use the same tools to respect our country’s environment and that of our planet.


Today, innovation is the oxygen of any business. It is not a one off exercise to be revisited every few years. Innovation is the daily light shed on the future one’s business. Dim that light and the business gropes in dark. Make it brighter and the future looks clearer and promising.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Bo Bennett, the famous author and social scientist, once said, “Success is not what you have, but who you are.” This dictum inspired our Group from its inception. We grew and became market leaders in various sectors because we pursued success. Financial reward was the consequence of that success, not its motivator. It will remain so.